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Interested please click for source doing an AMA? My name is Xander De Rycke. Thanks for having me! I'll be here tonight starting at 20h00 to answer your questions! But you can already drop off your questions here if you can't make it tonight! I've been a comedian for almost 10 years. I'm starting my fifth theatre show next fall. I'm the host of the podcast 'Mosselen om Half See more. Going strong for the last 5 years and episodes Did some television, like presenting Comedy Casino S7 and writing for 2 seasons of De Ideale Wereld.

I consume too many podcasts, television and movies. And for the mods on future guests: You allready have a no if you don't try it! I learned that from my podcast! And think outside of the box: Because he's not a fighter. P 3 William boeva comedy casino youtube don't even remember last time i ran anywhere.

Weak, i know but it still suprises me. I'm currently between Fallout 4 and Lego: Especially the first one. I love the world and art of Rapture.

William boeva comedy casino youtube could pick someone more famous but he is one of the reasons i started the william boeva comedy casino youtube so it would mean a lot to me personally. I actualy have a friend in common with Kevin Smith. But even so, I think he would actually need to be in Belgium for that to work.

When if that happens, get in touch with me. I think we can absolutely make shows like that. The biggest problem is always money in this country. A william boeva comedy casino youtube sitcom with 24 episodes, actors, writers, sets costs a lot of money.

But then you would have te make the comedy as broad as possible and lower your standards. William boeva comedy casino youtube have to wait until something like Netflix. Although i heard Telenet wants to invest in their own shows. Sitcom was the word I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your time to answer this AMA and all the best with everything you do, i love mosselen Which jokes don't you like william boeva comedy casino youtube tell?

Even if the audience laughs really loud. How do start to write on new comedy bits? Do you have a ritual that you and the cast of Mosselen perform like offering a william boeva comedy casino youtube to Seppe T.

If you had the opportunity to become the most amazing Time Lord ever and have a dino as pet but Geert Hoste is your sidekick. Been a long william boeva comedy casino youtube fan of your act, saw you when you performed in Bree.

How do you react when people recognize william boeva comedy casino youtube on the street? Do you enjoy that they recognize you or do you despise it? I'm not the most famous guy william boeva comedy casino youtube most people don't really know what i look like.

Most of the time they see me on youtube or DVD and that footage is almost 8 years old. I don't like it when they call my name and look away or whisper about me when i'm near. But i'm always flattered if someone just says they are fan and like my stuff.

Never overstay your welcome. Ik zag je eergisteren in cine palace in Aalst met Dimi. Toevallig podcast aan het opnemen? Ik wou nog m'n mosselen cd meenemen om er een handtekening van dimi op te scoren maar was hem vergeten. Ik vloekte dan ook net iets te luid toen ik jou ineens zag zitten na de film 2 gemiste handtekeningenje keek toen ook even op in mijn richting.

Ik vond het maar lullig en was te beschaamd om toen te komen vertellen dat ik m'n cd vergeten was en dat ik toevallig m'n mosselen t-shirt aanhad dus ben ik je maar met een verlegen hoofd voorbij gelopen. Ik vraag me af of je het niet raar vindt om je leven zo bloot te geven op william boeva comedy casino youtube podcast? The stuff we want private we keep private.

All the rest no deposit sign up bonus casino australia not bother us. Gilles has a store, Dimi works at the cinema. Even without the podcast these would be true facts. Met Pablo bedoel ik dan? Ik heb U daar redelijk veel gezien ik was de persoon die in de regie werkte. En ik geloof dat je daar hebt aangekondigd dat je iets ging doen met podcast's.

Het brantford casino bad beat zijn dat ik verkeerd ben hoor. Dit is dan ook william boeva comedy casino youtube lang geleden. I've got two questions. Do you have any plans to release your documentary? I know you've said that you're, understandably, not really interested in releasing it for free online, any video-on-demand сохраняет bonus casino en ligne gratuit улыбнулась Since this question has already been answered, got any other non-comedy projects in the pipeline you're willing to talk about?

I've seen Urbain more last year than in my whole life. I wish i had more contact with him but i don't want to disturb him. I'd only stare at him. We were the ones playing cards during Iweins performance, if you remember. A certain heckler or maybe someone blowing their drink through the nose laughing, people mistaking you for someone else, Do you have a driver's license, and why not? Because your works involves a lot of travelling I never learned when i click the following article 18 and then i was always busy.

Also i've had some people close to me dying in car accidents and traffic in this country just sucks. I have heard that you like the one piece series. I think it's really funny with the introduction of Brooks and Luffy pushing a zombie back in the grave. I'm a big Sanji fan. How he only fights with his feet and how stupid they draw him if he sees a beautiful girl.

At which age did you start getting into comedy and realised it was something you'd be good at? I started loving comedy from a young age. Loved Urbanus and Geert Hoste's early work. Later посовещался casino de torrelodones Боже discovered Seinfeld and others jeu de voiture de course gratuit en ligne Youtube.

I loved making people laugh but i was never really popular so i never spoke up. Only my girlfriend and best friend believed i could be a comedian. Most people knew me as a wallflower. I am asking cause I really don't get why people think it is funny, and when I ask my friends they just laugh at me and ask me 'What do you think is funny then? And they just think I am stupid for not liking the show. I don't really care for it. I missed the 'Smos is funny boat' completely.

But that's taste for william boeva comedy casino youtube Hi Xander, big fan of mosselen! Are there any plans for your 'podcast-caravan' you bought some time ago? Do you record them over there at the moment or are they still recorded in the mannekeskamer? Or will we see it when the tour starts? For now the studio is still in the "mannekeskamer" but we don't need the studio anymore for the coming six months.

Due to all the live shows and special guests.

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