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Canadian canoe routes early: This article covers the water routes used by early explorers slot far west Canada with special emphasis on the fur trade. Both Canada and Siberia were explored by Europeans mainly by river. Both regions have many navigable rivers with short portages between them. There are no serious barriers to water-borne travel east of the Rockies or from the Urals almost to the Pacific.

The fur trade drove and financed both expansions mostly beaver furs in Canada, sable and many others in Siberia. In both areas incomers obtained furs slot far west the natives and exported them to Europe.

In Siberia a band of armed Cossacks would enter a disney xd spel village and demand yasak or tribute. In Canada furs were obtained by honest trade. Russian expansion into Siberia began with the conquest of the Khanate of Sibir in In they reached the Pacific near Okhotsk.

Canada-based Europeans reached the Arctic Ocean in and the Pacific inboth expeditions led by Alexander Mackenzie. For details of Siberian travel see Siberian River Routes. An explorer naturally wishes to travel as far as possible by water. Hudson Bay gets one more than a third of the way across the continent, but it leads to unproductive country and is blocked by ice for most of the year.

The Mississippi River is a natural entry point, slot far west it only began to be used in with the foundation of New Orleans. Early sea ships could follow the Hudson River as far as Albany, but this leads north to the Saint Laurence and westward travel was blocked by the Iroquois league.

The Chesapeake and Delaware Bays lead a short way inland and the other east rivers are too short or shallow to be of much use.

This leaves the St. In the sixteenth century, cod fishermen began trading for furs, especially at Tadoussac on the St.

With the foundation of Quebec inCoureurs des bois spread out through the many rivers and slot far west to trade with the Indians, while Indians would carry canoe-loads of fur down to Montreal. Nearby tribes became middlemen, drawing furs from further inland. Montreal was the main base where furs were stored before transshipment to Europe. By the end of the period, trade and exploration had spread to all the Great Lakes and was extending slot far west the Mississippi.

Meanwhile, the British maintained posts on Hudson Bay, slot far west the interior and waited for Indians to bring furs to them. The second era began when trade reached the pays d'en haut west of Lake Slot far west. In these cold lands beaver had longer and thicker fur.

After the British conquered Canada inmanagement of the Montreal casino lemoore was taken over by English-speakers while the real work continued to be done by French-Canadians.

The Montreal-based North West Company was formed in largely because distances had become so great as to require a highly organized transport system The Athabasca country was miles from Montreal and a canoe might go miles in a month. The independent coureur des bois was replaced by hired voyageurs. Since the west country was too far for a round trip in one season, each spring, when the ice broke up, boats would set out from Montreal slot far west winterers would start east.

They exchanged their goods at Slot far west Portage on Lake Superior and returned before the rivers froze five months later. To save the cost of hauling food from Montreal Metis around Winnipeg began the large-scale production of pemmican. The Hudson Bay trade was diverted southwest to the edge of the prairie where pemmican was picked up to feed the voyageurs on their journey northwest to the Athabasca country.

The two companies competed for a while and, inmerged. Much trade shifted to York Factory and later some slot far west south to Minnesota. After the western posts were linked to the British bases on the Oregon coast. The Carlton Trail became a land route across the prairies. From the North-West Mounted Police began to extend formal government into slot far west area.

The fur trade routes grew obsolete from the s with the coming of railways and steamships. Seagoing ships can reach Slot far west City and smaller ones can reach Montreal. One might think read more the route would continue up the St.

Lawrence, but this was not the case. Possible reasons check this out the Lachine Rapids and other rapids above Montreal, Niagara FallsIroquois hostility, the poorer quality of southern furs and the lack slot far west large birch trees to make canoes. The route west from Montreal has been called the 'first Trans-Canada Highway'.

This route was first used by Etienne Brule in and later by Champlain. Or west through the Strait of Mackinac to Lake Michigan. On Lake Superior voyageurs would normally hug the northern shore because of the danger of frequent squalls that could overturn their boats. The route up the St. Clair River and lower Lake Huron developed later Adrien Jolliet in was probably the first and was never the main westward route. North of the St.

Lawrence were many complex lakes and rivers that were sometimes used to go as far as James Slot far west. Leaving slot far west US border, northwest down the Winnipeg River with 26 portages to Lake Winnipega poor lake for small craft. Following the current downstream leads to the Nelson River and Hudson Baywhich is not very useful.

The Nelson River is difficult and the parallel Hayes River was preferred. The Hayes route became more important after when much trade shifted from Montreal to York Factory. A minor route ran from Duluth, Minnesota west and north up the St. Around these rapids to Cedar Article source. Although it was not much used, a route ran from Cedar Lake south over the 4 miles 6. The North Saskatchewan is approximately the southern limit of forested beaver country.

Both York boats and north canoes were used. Trade was helped by the fact that the Cree Language was spoken along the whole route. South of the river there was enough grass for horses and one could travel from Edmonton to Red River on horseback. Horses were used for speed slot far west canoes for freight. There are, of course, no Нас, venice casino Мне routes over the Rockies. The Red River of the Slot far westwhich flows north into slot far west southern tip of Lake Winnipeg gained some importance after with the establishment of the Red River Colony and when the Metis began supplying buffalo Pemmican to feed the voyageurs.

These are prairie rivers and not good beaver country. The axis from Lake Superior to the Mackenzie River runs along the southwest side of the forested beaver country between the prairie to the southwest and the Barren Grounds to the northeast.

Here beaver fur is longer and thicker than further southeast. The southern part of the axis was near the source of pemmican. The Methye Portage, which was first click here by Peter Pond in ranks with Grand Portage as the most difficult of the major portages.

This was about as far as canoes could reach and return in one season and was slot far west gathering place for furs from slot far west rich Athabasca region and further west. After the voyages of Captain Cook European ships entered the Pacific in large numbers. The inland canoe routes were linked to the Pacific coast in when David Thompson reached the mouth of the Columbia River.

A fur trade developed in the interior. Here, horses were used more often than canoes, furs were trapped by non-Indians and the pelts exported by ship. Here Canadians competed, rather successfully, with slot far west American Fur Company. In the Columbia District was divided between the two nations at the 49th parallel.

It normally took two slot far west for heavy goods to cross the continent, goods being stored at Fort Chipewyan over the winter. The route was used for messages and light freight but was not practical for heavy freight.

The far northwest was slot far west by an unusual route which was found in by Robert Campbell who travelled in the opposite direction from the one described here. From the Mackenzie River delta it went south up the Peel River to the depot online jersey bewertung new casino Fort McPherson, Northwest Territoriesthence back down the Peel and west up the Rat River by poling or dragging, not paddling or by a parallel slot far west and over a half-mile portage to the Little Bell River.

There was some slot far west on the Laird, but the Laird river canyon made slot far west difficult. From about slot far west French sought to slot far west the check this out Lawrence and Mississippi basins and bottle up the English on the east coast. From the southeast side of Lake Michigan, east up the St.

Joseph River to near the present site of South Bend, Indiana and across a short portage to the Kankakee Riverwest down to Kankakee, which joins the Des Plaines River to become the Illinois River which runs first west and then southwest to the Mississippi.

Alternatively, from the northwest side of Lake Michigan, at the head of Green Bayup the Fox Riverpast serious rapids to Lake Winnebagoup the Fox and over a short portage to the Wisconsin River and southwest to the Mississippi.

Another route ran from the western extremity of Lake Superior up the Saint Louis River and the East Savanna Riveracross the Savanna Portage slot far west, and down south and west flowing streams to the Mississippi River and the slot far west country of what is now the U. Although the French had long been in the Ohio country La Salle inFort des Miamis fromthis area only became important after about when the French tried to block Anglo-American expansion into the Ohio country.

The British response to this move was the beginning of the French and Indian War. The Hudson's Bay Company began establishing posts on the Bay in Unlike the French-Canadians, the English were usually content to sit on the coast and let the Indians bring furs to them. Movement inland began slot far west after the French entered the western country and tried to divert the Hudson Bay fur trade to Montreal.

Most posts were on the southwest side of the bay. Inland were many complex routes, most being too small for heavy freight canoes. Main routes from east to west were:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https:

Antelope Canyon: slot canyon near Page/Lake Powell, Arizona

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