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Gambling affiliation

The seven-page policy fromthe most recent version made available by NFL Communications, can be read below. The policy is full of contorted logic. But gambling affiliation light of recent events, online canada on iphone casino gambling policy now particularly stands out as an intentionally impenetrable tangle of words.

The policy is ostensibly aimed at preventing the outcomes of games from being influenced by gamblers, which is fine. All could face discipline, though the Pittsburgh Post-Gazetteciting a sourcereported that discipline would likely be a fine, rather than a gambling affiliation. Back to the gambling policy. As noted above, the promotion of state or municipal lotteries is a no-no, as is working for any of the following:.

Where does fantasy football fit into all this, you might be wondering? The policy makes a specific exception for traditional fantasy football, while making no mention whatsoever of daily fantasy:.

Why the agnosticism toward fantasy football? Believe me, they will organize whether the owners individually, or the league, they will get it licensed in Nevada, which will do it in a second, and they will use it to expand around the country. The proceeds from fantasy football will dwarf the revenues from TV and gate—and these guys know it. Gambling affiliation on and on.

None of that even comes close to the most obvious contradiction of casa a torre though. To me, where I cross the line is anything that can impact on the integrity of the game.

Click people think gambling affiliation is something that can influence the outcome of a game, we are absolutely opposed to that. Jerry Jones told [Nevada Gov. Brian] Sandoval that if that amount of public money were to be allocated for the stadium, the NFL would approve the relocation.

And gambling affiliation their chat, Jones asked the governor for a return favor: Yet when it comes to the arm-wrestling event, the league still seems dead set on a strict reading of its gambling policy.

Alan Brickman, one of the organizers of the arm-wrestling tournament, told USA Today he had sought approval from two different league departments, and that the league even suggested guidelines, even as it declined to participate as a partner. NFL Personnel are prohibited from engaging in any gambling affiliation or promotional activities that reasonably can be perceived as constituting affiliation with or endorsement of gambling or gambling-related activities including, without casino france, the following:.

I wrote Lockhart back to ask why gambling affiliation did not apply gambling affiliation an NFL owner who had partnered with a casino owner to get approval for a publicly financed stadium.

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Last weekend’s news that the NFL is considering disciplinary action against a group of players who took part in a charity arm-wrestling event at a Las Vegas casino.
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