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Brugg is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau and is the seat of the district casino baden schweiz 2500 the same name. It is located approximately 16 kilometers 9.

Prior to their relocation to AustriaBrugg was the center of the Habsburgs' territory. Since then it has belonged to the Canton of Aargau.

The Aare, which flows through the center of the old town, divides the municipality into two separate, distinct landscapes — the Swiss plateau on the southern bank and the beginnings of the Jura on the northern side. Approximately two kilometers 1. In between these two branches, which came into being following the construction of a hydroelectric, is casino baden schweiz 2500 forested island of Schacheninsel.

It is along this gorge that the historic center of Brugg formed, with sections of the old town developing on both banks. The Aare broadens again after it exits the gorge and departs the old town, where it flows alongside the Aufeld plain. Casino baden schweiz 2500 majority of the population in this area is concentrated in a small band along the southeastern slope of the Bruggerberg.

Brugg has an area, as of [update]of 5. Of this area, 0. Of the rest of the land, 2. Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 7. Of the agricultural land, 8.

All the water in the municipality is in rivers and casino caesar 30. Over time the built-up areas of Brugg have grown into the neighboring communities of Umiken and Windisch. Up until the 19th century Brugg consisted of only one-tenth of its current here area. The municipality's expansion began in with the purchase of around one-fourth of the territory of the neighboring community of Lauffohr.

This was followed by the acquisition of a number of book of ra online casino echtgeld initiative in from Umiken.

Windisch sold the area around the train station in and transferred the land around the gas works in The village of Altenburg was incorporated into Brugg inand was followed in by the remainder of Lauffohr.

On 1 January the municipality of Umiken merged into Brugg. Archeological discoveries from the prehistoric era are scant. Two blades and fragments of a stone ax from the early Stone Age as well as a sickle from the Bronze Age are all that have been unearthed. In 58 BC, or shortly thereafter, the Helvetiiwho had returned to the Swiss Plateau following the Battle of Bibractefounded the settlement of Vindonissa on a hill between the Aare and Reuss on what is today territory of the neighboring community of Windisch.

The Romans constructed a military post casino baden schweiz 2500 Vindonissa around 15 BC, which they expanded into an encampment of the Roman Legion. At this time the first wooden bridge over the Aare was built as part of a Roman road to Augusta Raurica known today as Augst. It was the only position along the Aare between Lake Thun and the Rhine at which the river could be crossed with a single log.

Remains of around Roman graves have since been discovered within Brugg, where two large Roman burial grounds were located, and archeologists estimate that a total of 7, graves exist. After the invasion of the Alemanni between and AD the Romans converted Vindonissa back into a camp of the Roman Legion, breaking with a year "civilian phase. The Romans, casino baden schweiz 2500, ultimately withdrew between the years and AD.

Settlement of the Alemanni in their stead has been traced to the 7th century. In the late 10th century a noble dynasty under Lanzelinwhich was possibly related to the Alsatian Etichonidssettled in Altenburg. He expanded the established fort into the Altenburg Castle and made it his seat. Consequently, Altenburg is the first verifiable casino baden schweiz 2500 of the Habsburgs. The earliest documented use of Bruggo casino baden schweiz 2500 been dated to the yearwhen Count Werner I attested to the possession of goods on the part of Muri Abbey in area.

The exact date, however, is contentious, as the Acta Murensia was first drawn up in and included a number of various older documents. Between and it was mentioned as Brucca and between and as Brukke. During the 13th century the settlement at the fortified river crossing took on the characteristics of a small town. Coins were minted fromwhile a toll post was established in The town had a mayor, or Schultheissby and the first casino baden schweiz 2500 of a market can be traced to The importance of Brugg to the Habsburg can be seen in their decision to casino baden schweiz 2500 to the town between and The confines of the Habsburg Castle had become too small for the family members that lived there.

In the town is said to have been plundered by supporters of the Habsburg's Laufenburg Line. Rudolf Iwho spent a great deal of time in Brugg before his election to King of the Romansawarded Brugg city rightsor Stadtrechton July 23, The decree awarding this new status was identical, casino baden schweiz 2500 for word, to that of Aarau. At the same time Casino baden schweiz 2500 was granted independence from the Eigenamt and became a separate polity.

Although the Habsburgs had moved their center of power a few years earlier to Viennathey continued to maintain close ties with Brugg. These rights lapsed after her death in Although the city was under Habsburg control, there were still the beginnings of an independent polity.

In the s Brugg agreed to association, or Burgrechttreaties with Baden and Mellingen and with the Cloister of Wittichen in the upper Kinzig Valley Bern did not hesitate and dispatched troops at once.

The residents of Brugg did not resist the наслаждалась case vacanze torino _Нет and allowed them to enter the town unopposed. In return Bern left the town alone. This left Brugg in a predicament as its periphery and forest on the Bruggerburg along the northern bank of the Aare remained outside of the jurisdiction of Bern.

Brugg was therefore required to consult regularly with the rulers of Schenkenberg concerning its northern territory. A small band led by Baron Thomas von Falkenstein sneaked down the Bruggerberg and forced its way through town, ransacking homes and setting a number casino baden schweiz 2500 them ablaze. Many citizens were kidnapped in the ensuing chaos and held for ransom. Jakob an der Birs on August 26,making the raid on Brugg militarily insignificant.

ByBern had had enough of the constant harassment of its subject town and seized the dominion. All residents of Just click for source were thereafter subjects of Bern. Nonetheless, this changed little on the casino baden schweiz 2500 of town, as Bern's border had been pushed to the north by only a few kilometers, and conflict continued to impair the town's economy.

It was therefore not subject to another, intermediary sovereign, or Landvogtei click the following article, and possessed more autonomy than other comparable towns.

It was expected to keep the Casino baden schweiz 2500 Council in check. This meant that unwanted candidates had no chance of assuming higher office, other than through the use of bribes. These councils were therefore exclusive, with a small number of influential members of the community sharing these lucrative posts among one another. In JanuaryBern decided to introduce reforms to religious institutions and, therewith, join the Reformation.

Referendums were held in all towns and Landvogteien. The areas surrounding Brugg voted in favor of breaking with the Catholic Churchwhile the town itself voted by a majority of five to remain Catholic.

Brugg was nonetheless isolated in this desire and ultimately caved in to Bern under massive political pressure. It served primarily as casino baden schweiz 2500 preparatory school for bound for the theological academy in the city of Bern.

Despite its subject status, casino baden schweiz 2500 town repeatedly tried to expand its own influence into the surrounding area. Brugg also acquired Trostburg in the Wynental from the Hallwyls in Bern, however, refused to tolerate this gradual expansion of power on the part of its subject territory and ultimately took possession of the titles itself.

By the population climbed to a peak ofreaching a level not seen in two hundred years. The last and severest of plague epidemics struck in September and lingered until Januaryduring which timeover 60 percent of the population, perished.

An accident of note occurred on September 1,when a ship on its way to Zurzach capsized on the Aare. Over people, included 47 from Brugg, drowned in the incident. They catered primarily to the needs of the surrounding area and, along with the increasing expansion of transportation routes, to travelers.

No guilds of any political significance existed in town at this time. In the 18th century the salt trade grew in importance. The Salt House Salzhausconstructed inwas one of the largest salt depots in the Swiss Confederation. After the beginning of the French Revolutiondemands for equality and rights found a great deal of support in town.

Under the centralized casino baden schweiz 2500 of the Helvetic Republic cantons were purely administrative entities, which were in turn divided into districts and municipalities. Brugg thus lost all read more its previously privileges and became a district capital in the Canton of Aargau. The revolutionary atmosphere casino baden schweiz 2500 had followed the declaration of the Helvetic Republic dissipated rapidly in Responsible for this sudden shift was the War of the Second Coalitionduring which the battlefront ran directly through the Aare Valley and hundreds of French soldiers were quartered in houses in the town.

When the French withdrew from Switzerland for a number of months inthe supporters of the old order had the upper hand. During the ensuing Stecklikrieg farmers from the surrounding area plundered the town's armory. At the beginning of the 19th century Brugg became a stronghold of Liberalism and its politicians played a leading role in the development of the new canton. The steep incline of the Hauptstrassethe most important thoroughfare through the old town, hindered transportation and was therefore leveled in under the supervision of the later-renowned engineer Alois Negrelli.

The initially positive outlook held by the town when it came to facing the challenges posed by the modern gave way to a more conservative mindset. In turn, the residents of Brugg concentrated primarily on their supposed strengths — handicraftartisanry and trade. At this time the town lacked the political will and commitment necessary for the development of industry. This hesitation benefited neighboring communities such as Windisch and Turgiwhere large textile factories emerged.

Brugg also found fault with the location casino baden schweiz 2500 the train station, which was built ten minutes from the town itself. Windisch, on the other hand, complained about the fact that stationed was named for Brugg despite actually being located on its territory. The cause of this conflict was the complex border between the download casino keno towns.

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